videos & TV documentations about IT & Creative shootings

Some of the IT & Creative shootings were covered by other media. Here is a link to video footage of the Miss Vienna 2013 underwater shooting on youtube from Vienna Online and another one on Vimeo from amriphoto, featuring an underwater video of the artview underwater shooting and the rooftop shooting at the Lifestyle-Hotel Sans Souci Wien in Vienna. The underwater shooting was held at the spa of the Sans Souci hotel, in very shallow water, which is not favourable for underwater shootings, but it was a safety measure since lots of the models didn't have any underwater experience or were even afraid of diving.

In April 2013 the public Austrian TV station ORF featured an IT & Creative lingery shooting in a documentation from Marie Lang.

IT & Creative photography has been published on cover pages of printed newspapers and online magazines, recently in big numbers for the Miss Vienna contest (just google "björn steinmetz miss vienna"; references under the outdated artview brand), and IT & Creative photo shootings have been featured on TV at the public Austrian TV station ORF and the private Puls 4.

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